Taylor Swift Prompts A Change By Apple Music

After Taylor Swift spoke out against the about to be launched Apple Music’s plan to pay only 71% of royalties due during their free three month trial period, the company has done an about face. They now will back off that plan in their payment of artists, labels, and songwriters.
Also thrown into the mix are indie music labels accusing Apple of trying to strong arm them into becoming participants in their new Apple Music streaming service that is similar to Spotify reports Brad Reifler.
Last fall Swift pulled her catalog from Spotify because she did not want to give her music away virtually free.
Swift expressed her concerns about Apple’s agreement, and they quickly announced that they have reconsidered their policy. Details of the revamp were not announced.
Apple Music will launch on June 30th. Its major rival will be Spotify. They have 75 million users, but on 20 million pay for their premium subscription. Industry observers will be watching to see how many internet music consumers will be willing to pay for their music.

Taylor Swift’s New Video Is A Hit

Anyone who’s looking to take on Taylor Swift for the crown of being one of the best artists of the year, they’re looking for one heck of a fight. Taylor has proven time and time again that she cannot be beaten in the music area, and the fact that she is so diverse, makes her even more desirable. Taylor Swift.

After dabbling in different forms of music, Taylor has proven that she is great at what she does, and she deserves all the praise or so thinks Alexei Beltyukov. The Billboard Music Awards was on Sunday, May 17, 2015 and it was one of the most memorable showings in history. Not only did Taylor Swift win eight awards, but there were other great happenings in the evening as well.
Taylor premiered her new video “Bad Blood,” and it’s a visual masterpiece. In the video,

Taylor is seen fighting and dressed in sexy outfits. Not only did Taylor look great when she picked up her award, she also looked absolutely stunning in the different outfits she wore in the video. Everyone has been talking about the video, ever since it premiered at the Billboard Music Awards, and Taylor has solidified her spot in history as one of the best artists to ever live.