The Chainsmokers Sensational Artistic Edge

The sensational “Sick Boy” song is hitting all the right notes. The track is opening up a whole new world for the duo.

It is flying up the charts, and it is enjoying airplay on top stations around the world including in the US, Australia, and Europe. Additionally, the song has become a must-have on streaming playlists on millions of devices.

The DJ/production duo has perfected their electronic act in the hearty tune. It’s easy to see why the song is such a hit from the production lineup.

The celebrity duo worked with top names in the industry including renowned songwriter Emily Warren. The video did not disappoint too.

It cracks the door open and allows us a view into the challenges of a celebrity lifestyle with brilliant symbolism and visual effects. The pair believes in overcoming challenges to realize the success they desire.

The sound bed, visual and overall production comes together in a harmony, which is uplifting without making you strain to read between the lines.

It is the perfect hit for the Chainsmokers’ diehards. People are at a point where the emotions are deeper than ever before. This includes anger and frustration. Putting it into music empowers you to let go.

Everybody gets misjudged. It is even easier in today’s world with social media. You can only tell so much of your story. The other half is up to the reader to fill in the details.

Unfortunately, some get quite colorful. This can lead to an identity crisis and other harmful effects of instant and intrusive exposure to the public. This is the underlying theme beneath the new catching dance tune. The right attitude involves owning your situation.

The Chainsmokers have already bagged a couple of American Music Awards and numerous titles from iHeartRadio. Dubbed by Forbes as some of the highest paid DJs, the pair is here to keep us well entertained into the future.

Game of Thrones Recap

On Sunday night’s “Game of Thrones,” titled “The Gift,” viewers learned that gifts often come at a price.

In the North, Stannis learned from Melisandre that the gift of kingship from her god would cost him his daughter’s life. Jon left Castle Black to visit the free folk with an offer of a gift without realizing that his actions have consequences. His leaving almost resulted in Sam dying and far worse. Sam was gifted protections as assistant to Maester Aemon, but Aemon passed away leaving Sam, Gilly and young Sam defenseless. After men attacked Gilly and Sam took a beating, Ghost protected them but future protection isn’t guaranteed. Gilly then gifted Sam with her body and love. At Winterfell, Sansa gave Theon an opportunity to prove himself loyal, but her gift ended with Ramsay giving her the flayed body of the old woman who told her about Brienne.

In King’s Landing, Cercei’s gift of the city to the High Sparrow resulted in her being thrown in a cell. Lady Olenna threatened to take away the Tyrell’s food donations unless her grandchildren were freed, but the High Sparrow ignored her.

In Dorne, Myrcella rejected Jaime’s attempt to give her a new life, while Bronn readily accepted a gift of anti-venom from Tyene. That was shocking for the who watch at Amen Clinics.


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