Dr. Chris Villanueva Says MB2 Dental Has Its Priorities Right

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the CEO and President of MB2 Dental. His word to all CEOS is to hire the right people and leave them to their tasks. According to Dr. Chris, CEOs should not get into the tasks of micromanaging but should set the right people in place and give them autonomy. Instead, the CEO should only set the vision and keep improving it while at the same time inspiring the workers.
Dr. Chris founded MB2 with the vision of getting the best out of private partition and corporate dentistry. He had spent ample time on both sides of the equation and understood the disadvantages of both. First, he felt that the corporate dentistry is done with some hidden agendas of making profits while the patients and the dentists are far from the priority. Consequently, the practice fails to offer the right results that are required, as the primary stakeholders are not satisfied. Secondly, Dr. Chris felt that the private practitioners are unable to balance the secondary demands of the job and the primary, which is attending care to the patients. Case in point, a practitioner in private practice, must deal with human resource, finance, and patients’ issues among others. It becomes impossible to manage the eight working hours and still commit to excellence. Moreover, Dr. Chris says that the old dental practice was drab and uninspired.
MB2 Dental grants the practitioners their freedom to be private and at the same time manages their secondary affairs such as human resource, recruitment, remunerations, record keeping among other aspects. Moreover, the supplies are acquired more cheaply since the organization does it corporately
The primary core values at MB2 dental are autonomy, fun, and personal development. Autonomy refers to the freedom that the practitioners are accorded to perform their duties. Dr. Chris does not supervise people because he believes they are smart enough to perform competently. At the same time, the practitioners help each other to grow in their respective fields, as they are not in competition.
The business culture at MB2 is also friendly because the dentist is the number one priority; this, in turn, means that the customer receives the best care. The dentists also learn and grow from each other’s experiences, as they are friends. Dentists also overcome legal, HR, and patrol issues because the larger umbrella of MB2 Dental caters for them. The company is also well equipped with the latest technology in dental care.

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