The Success of Traveling Businessman Glen Wakeman

A respected businessman and entrepreneur, Glen Wakeman has left his on the business world. A graduate of the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, Wakeman gained lots of experience and knowledge with by earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance in the early 1980’s.

With more than twenty one years of management experience, Glen Wakeman currently serves as CEO and Co-Founder of Launch Pad Holdings (Thenewsversion). He is become well known for his passion for building businesses. Throughout his career he has demonstrated his ability to improve a company and its individual agility. He has become successful by focusing his energy on improving five key areas: Leadership, Risk Management (minimizing disruptions, Human Capital, Governance (enabling constructive dissent) and Execution.

Today Glen Wakeman is serving as the Founder & President of Nova Four. This company has made its name in the business world by providing advice and access to funds for up and coming businesses. Furthermore Wakeman provides coaching to other CEO’s and aspiring entrepreneurs. Through his website, Wakeman works passionately with beginning entrepreneurs offering them business planning services and information on how to reach customers.

A large portion of Wakeman’s career was spent with GE Capital. Wakeman spent more than two decades working in a variety of leadership positions. Much of Wakeman’s work was with CEO of GE Money Latin America, where he built a company that worked in multiple countries and produced revenue of more than two billion dollars. He had control of nearly twenty thousand employees during this time. Some of his other leadership roles with the company included General Director of GE Capital, and Chief Operations Officer of Consolidated Financial Insurance Group.

Glen Wakeman is a well educated and experience leader. He holds an MBA from he University of Chicago and is even Six Sigma Black Belt certified. He continues to make innovative moves in the business world that earn him high accolades. He is sure to continue impacting the business world for many more years to come.



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