QI’s Leader Joseph Bismark

In today’s dog eat dog world of fast moving deals and financing, spirituality is the last thing most people think of when considering the corporate world. But one company is breaking that stigma. The QI Group of Companies, led by the dynamic Joseph Bismark, has incorporated a spiritual based approach to tackling the business world. A global company that employees more than 1500 in over 30 countries, QI focuses on helping people find solutions that drive entrepreneurship, looks for ways to make living in urban areas better, and seeks to reform education. What all of these have in common is that they are goal oriented tasks that focus on the spiritual side of humanity, as directed by Bismark. His vision is helping to make the world a better place by helping individuals find inside themselves the building blocks to become greater.

Joseph Bismark believes that “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.” His insatiable quest for knowledge keeps him moving ever forward. This drive led him to study and become a vetted Vedic philosopher, following the Vedas, religious scriptures that were written between 1500-1000 BCE in India. These texts are written in Sanskrit and contain the oldest known written texts of Hinduism. Additionally, Bismark is a yoga instructor, a devoted martial artist and a bonsai master. His outlook on life keeps him on the positive side of life, living to bring out the positive energy in every situation. He is a devoted follower of the Absolute Truth, a votary of the Lord and an aspirant servant. This quote from Joseph Bismark embodies his outlook: “We are not the physical body, we’re spirit-souls. True happiness lies in the understanding of our real identity as spirit souls and not the physical body.”

Bismark believes that everything should be done with a consciousness, keeping spirituality alive in all aspects of life. His upbeat attitude is infectious and carries over into every business proposition he undertakes. Bismark encourages others to approach business with their spirituality in tact, bringing with them the quiet assuredness that forms the basis of all his transactions. These principles have helped Bismark bring something unique and meaningful into the business world. His desire to see others succeed with serenity has helped solidify his talents as a business leader. By integrating spirituality into business, Bismark maintains positive relationships among colleagues future business contacts. Many have succeeded by following his example.

What Has Never Been Known For Susan McGalla As Both A Woman Of Value And a Leader

Ms Susan McGalla was brought up East Liverpool, Ohio with her 2 brothers. Their father was a coach of local footballer. Madam McGalla has a Bachelor’s Degree in both Business and Marketing. He graduated from Mount Union College where she was serving in the Board of Advisors. She is married to a wealth manager Mr Stephen McGalla

Susan McGalla is a well-known businesswoman. She is an executive consultant from Pennsylvania. Susan is a former chief merchandizing officer and president of American Eagle Outfitters Brand Inc. she is also a former West Seal Inc. chief executive officer. Recently she has received a title that has put her in charge of merchandizing, marketing and design of the new brands seen on American teens nowadays.

Ms McGalla started her profession when she was at Joseph Home Company. At Joseph Home Company is where she held several managerial and marketing positions from the year 1986-1994. Ms McGalla joined American Eagle, when the company was predominated by the male employees with no woman employee at the managerial position. Despite this, Ms McGalla became a divisional merchandize buyer for ladies’ clothing. She went ahead serving in American Eagle in several managerial positions until she emerged to be the American Eagle president and the topmost merchandizing official. She led this company exceptionally because previously she had been a company’s flagship prior being given a super priority by God to lead the entire company.

As company most superior leader, Ms McGalla controlled the launch of 77kids brands and aerie. In January 2009 Ms McGalla optioned to leave American Eagle Inc. with good heart and converted to Private Consultant for retailing financial industries investments. Because of her skills in leadership and great achievements, in 2009 Ms Susan was elected as one of the Board of Directors of HFF Inc. HFF Inc. is a public organization that offers commercial services for real estates. She was also appointed as in the Board of Magee-Women Research Institute and Foundation. She has also been a director of Allegheny Conference on Community Development

In 2011 Ms Susan handed the baton of leadership as chief executive officer-West Seal Inc. to Ed Thomas. In the following year July she parted left the company. Following her parting with the Wet Seal Inc., she established P3 Executive Consulting firm. Right now, she is the one directing the growth and the most strategic planning of Pittsburgh Steelers.

Being a participative woman in the community, Ms McGalla claimed to be equally comfortable with men and women and therefore, she has excelled most whenever working with both parties. Her instruments of success have been the confidence and the good heart has. She has never shied off whenever addressing her cases to audience.

Her achievements have been contributed by her family because they taught her on how to have confidence whenever presenting her good ideas and self-introducing regardless of her audience. This made her to be what she is today: a talented manager, expert consultant for branding and self-esteemed businesswoman.

Brazil Artist Sergio Cortes impersonates Michael Jackson

One of the most successful musicians for about three decades had always been Michael Jackson. Most of his fans had always referred him as the King of Pop and had been considered as the influential dancers in history. Right from 1964, he started performing along with the Jackson 5. However only in 1971 he had a solo performance, and his highest selling album is thriller that was released in 1982. He had broken many records and had won many awards and is often considered as the biggest star in the world. He died in 2009 due to an overdose of propofol.

His legendary status among his fans and his eccentric style has made him very famous. Hence, some people try to imitate him or impersonate him. Few live in his character for a long time. One such person is Sergio Cortes from Brazil, and he was born on 1971. His mother mentioned that Sergio had taken a special interest in Michael Jackson’s life. At that time itself, he started imitating MJ from that group Jackson 5. Few reporters had clicked his snaps when he was a teenager. The photos were published and made so successful that he received several invitations to work.

At present, he is a part of the company Destiny Projects, an entertainment company that specializes in managing and artistic development. His career is going very well and draws a good crowd to his concerts that are conducted in Brazil. According to his Facebook profile, he has a huge fan following. In that profile, Sergio Cortes reports being an artist with a great talent for singing, composing, dancing and acting. And, similarly, to look like a big famous artist is not easy. According to him, impersonating Michael Jackson is not just his career but it’s a privilege as well.

Today, the resemblance to the pop idol yields Sergio Cortes various shows, performances and more than 16,000 followers on his Facebook page. Sergio Cortes was born in Barcelona where he’s still living; he’s very famous in South America, and he’s going to present His new project called “HUMAN NATURE LIVE SHOW” in Italy. A 2 hours show that make you relives the magic moments of MJ’s Immortal history. In addition to that the show is completely live and it is performed by four musicians, two backing vocals, 5 dancers through music, dance, costumes and special effects performed with a very professional audio and light service.

The Outlook of Nestle Purina PetCare

Lovers of animals appreciate Purina PetCare Company, an entity that manufactures various best-known pet foods in the globe. The corporation has won different awards like the “Best in Show” award for having high-performing teams. The employees assert that Purina PetCare caters not only for their workforce but also for their pets.

Most Purina news is centered around producing pet foods, treats, different snack flavors and litter products for dogs and cats. The consumer packaged goods company engages in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of its products in the United States and Canada. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Purina PetCare has 24 manufacturing facilities with 20 located in the United States and the rest in Canada. Through the years, the corporation has been promoting responsible pet care and positive relationship between people and their pets. The entity has augmented its efforts in terms of safety management. The prevention-based approach has been designed to manage compliance of regulations besides anticipating public concerns over current and future operations and products.

The company has a wide array of product brands that have been quite imperative in enhancing its bottom line. Some of the brands manufactured and sold by the company are Purina, Purina Beneful, Purina One, Friskies and Purina Dog Chow. Given that Purina PetCare comprehends the different types of consumers in the market, they have segmented their consumers according to brands. Budget shoppers can purchase products like Alpo while the health or component conscious customers can shop for brands like Purina Beneful. It is crucial to note that athletic dogs have a special diet that encloses extra fat and protein.

Over the years, Purina PetCare has managed to augment its four-phase strategic planning process, which has been authenticated by experts in the industry. Market research, studies on workforce capability and voice-of the consumer information have been utilized to improve the entity’s retail landscape, refresh the current strategies and develop new frontiers in the market. The senior management of the corporation has always set visions and established values based on founders of the company’s “4 Talls” (Smile Tall, Think Tall, Stand Tall and Live Tall). With the current competition in the market, the company has established another tall (5th Tall), which is defined as creation of a tall with innovation. The enterprise ensures that it incorporates these ideals on new recruits.

Purina PetCare is a renowned company that deals in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of pet food. In furtherance of its objectives, the company ensures that it produces different brands based on the consumer’s ability to purchase and their ingredient or health orientations. The entity has employed many workers in its facilities located in the United States and Canada.

Iggy Responds To The Rumors About Beefing With Britney Spears

It really seemed as if Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea would’ve been the best of friends, especially since they did the song “Pretty Girls” together. Iggy Responds To Britney Spears. The song, unfortunately, did not do as well as they both had expected, but Iggy seems to be blaming Britney for the song being a flop. After many fans reached out and criticized Iggy for the lack of rotation of the song, Iggy decided to defend herself. She stated that the song may have been a flop, but if it gets a lot of spins, then it’s good enough.

Iggy also stated that the song can’t go up the charts if there’s isn’t enough promotion reports Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. Iggy basically is saying that Britney was supposed to do some promotions with her to help the song become more popular, but she didn’t do so. Many felt that the Iggy was going against Britney Spears, and a lot of people were not having it. It seems as if even Britney Spears took offense to what he said, and she shot back on Twitter.

Britney said that she has to go back to her Las Vegas residency, and she’s glad she has shows for the rest of the year. Many felt her comment was poking fun at Iggy canceling her own tour. Iggy has commented that the two are still friends, and they are not throwing shade or shots at each other.

Taylor Swift Prompts A Change By Apple Music

After Taylor Swift spoke out against the about to be launched Apple Music’s plan to pay only 71% of royalties due during their free three month trial period, the company has done an about face. They now will back off that plan in their payment of artists, labels, and songwriters.
Also thrown into the mix are indie music labels accusing Apple of trying to strong arm them into becoming participants in their new Apple Music streaming service that is similar to Spotify reports Brad Reifler.
Last fall Swift pulled her catalog from Spotify because she did not want to give her music away virtually free.
Swift expressed her concerns about Apple’s agreement, and they quickly announced that they have reconsidered their policy. Details of the revamp were not announced.
Apple Music will launch on June 30th. Its major rival will be Spotify. They have 75 million users, but on 20 million pay for their premium subscription. Industry observers will be watching to see how many internet music consumers will be willing to pay for their music.

Getting to Know Renowned Plastic Surgeon Rod Rohrich

Rod Rohrich has for many years been known as one of the premier plastic surgeons in the U.S. His status was cemented last year when he was recognized in the prestigious listing of top surgeons by D, the Dallas-based cultural magazine. Beyond his surgical practice, Dr. Rohrich is known for his many writings, lectures and media appearances, and for his notable philanthropic activities.
Originally from North Dakota, young Rod received his education at the college and university level in his home state before receiving his medical degree from Baylor University, in Texas. Completing his general and surgical residency requirements at the University of Michigan Medical Center, he obtained additional training at Oxford University, in England, and at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Rohrich joined the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in 1986, where he would for more than two decades serve as the chairman of its plastic surgery department.
His specialty areas include breast reduction and body contouring.
Dr. Rohrich has been at the center of many advances in plastic surgery throughout his medical career, helping in the discovery of new techniques and procedures in such areas as facial rejuvenation and rhinoplasty. His work has in fact been credited with making these and other forms of plastic surgery safer and more efficient. He even has a patent on a particular type of breast implant. In additional to his work as a surgeon, Dr. Rohrich has been part of numerous medical organizations, including the National Endowment for Plastic Surgery, which he helped establish, and the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation. In terms of leadership roles, he has served as president of the American Society of Plastic Surgery.
Many of the contributions made by Dr. Rohrich to the field of plastic surgery have come in the form of writings and other presentations. In addition to serving as editor of the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, he has published five textbooks and written hundreds of separate articles on the subject. His name has appeared in such publications as Newsweek magazine and the New York Times, and he has been seen on such television programs as “The Today Show” and “The View.”
In terms of helping others, Dr. Rohrich has served on the board of directors of the March of Dimes and the Dallas chapter of the American Cancer Society. He and his physician-wife Diane are members of the Dallas for Children Foundation, which is dedicated to the developmental needs of underprivileged youngsters. Dr. Rohrich is himself the father of two children.

Bonnaroo is Always Amazing This Year Was No Different

Bonnaroo was amazing this year. Billy Joel tore up the stage pleasing the crowd for a hundred and 20 minutes with a 21 song salute if you will packed with his greatest hits and then some. For all you Kacey Musgrave fans. You know that she has passion about Bonnaroo and in case you didn’t know she had no problem shutting out I cuss word love you so much. She performed a 75 minute show. Musgrave performed a mix of music such as these boots are made for walking, no scrubs and three little birds. Holding true to the mix of music genres created by Bonnaroo she blended some of it all while on stage. According to Topix, one of the most notable improvements was Kendrick Lamar who had his first gig at Bonnaroo in 2012. Is Compton rapper has changed dropped his first unreleased tracks such as good kid and m.A.A.d. This year he grabbed the crowd when he performed the song not once but twice exploding each time with more energy. Bonnaroo helps to blend great music from across the board together in one place to promote a common goal. That goal is to have fun! If you were one of the lucky ones who attended this year’s Bonnaroo then you know just what I am talking about.

Haidar Barbouti’s Highland Village

If there is one thing that Haidar Barbouti is good at, it is providing a great shopping experience for customers. One approach that Barbouti took in making sure that the shopping experience was unmatched was that he made sure that there was nothing “cookie-cutter” about the shopping center. He not only made sure that it was unique center for retail, but also made it so anyone could reach it. It is also maintained in order to keep a high end appeal to it. After all, not very many people love to shop at a run down area.

Another factor that makes Highland Village such a great place to shop is Barbouti’s focus on his own shopping center. As a matter of fact, he never really paid any thought to what any neighboring center was doing. He focused completely on what he wanted to do for his own shopping center. As a matter of fact, he focused on “reinventing the wheel” whenever someone new came in to open up shop.

Haidar Barbouti has expressed his passion about making sure that no two shops or businesses are the same. He wants to make sure each tenant express his or her own individuality. He also is passionate about keeping a balance as it comes to the center. He doesn’t want to overdo the work put into the property and destroy the soul. He also is not interested in keeping it historic and removing its ability to evolve.

One thing that adds to the appeal of Highland Village is that it has buildings from different time periods. This gives it a certain allure that many people respond to. Barbouti has provided a lot of benefit towards the shopping center that he has owned for more than 20 years. It is safe to say that he will be providing a lot more innovations for times to come.

James Taylor, Still Going Strong

Singer and songwriter, James Taylor has just released his first album in 13 years according to Rolling Stone Magazine. The five time Grammy Award winner is feeling nostalgic with his newest release, “Before This World.” The fabulous Mr. Taylor touches his roots with tunes reminiscent of his older political work, but he also offers a touch of the Celtic folk sound.

James Taylor started his career in 1966 after a struggle with a heroin addiction, and aside from his award winning “Fire and Rain,” his brooding style can be heard in “Something in The Way She Moves” by Harrison, where he is credited with writing the haunting first line of that vocal. His “You’ve Got a Friend,” featured Joni Mitchell, and won Carole King song of the year. His rendition of “Handy Man” won him the Grammy for Best Pop Male Vocalist. Zeca Oliveira got the chance to speak with Taylor about his struggles in this video.

His career, spanning 49 years, is still going strong, and his new work is just as powerful as his old hits. Among his many awards are honorary doctorates from Williams College and the Berklee School of Music.