Madison Street Capital: The ideal Investment Partner

Madison Street Capital is an established transnational investment company. It’s committed to offering quality service delivery, leadership, excellence, and integrity. The company understands the needs of their customers and the time sensitivity of finance. This commitment enables them to respond to opportunities tenaciously and quickly.

The approach used by Madison Street Capital helps create corporate finance transactions that are mutually beneficial to investors and business owners. This financial institution headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, prides itself on having relationships, knowledge, and experience to match sellers and buyers. Also, they’re able to match each client situation to the right capitalization and financing structure.

Madison Street Capital uses a methodology that reflects substantial experience and expertise in all various areas of finance. These areas include design and implementation of exit strategies, deal structuring, specialized financing, due diligence and market pricing, valuation as well as mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Madison Street offers private placement, buyout, bankruptcy, reorganization and capital restructuring advisory services on Pinterest. Also, it provides intangible assets, goodwill, and business valuation services.

Over the years, this investment banking agency has helped several clients to reach their goals. Madison Street Capital is a leading financial advisory service provider because of they have understanding and experience in corporate governance and corporate finance on They have offices in Africa, Asia, and North America. The fact that they’ve adopted a global view on business finance gives them a competitive edge over other investment companies worldwide.

Madison Street Capital is an expert in building relationships with mid-market companies. They specialize at in various sectors which include financial services, business services, construction, manufacturing consumer products, wholesale and retail trade, real estate and IT. Madison Street Capital has several financial sponsors who help them raise equity. These sponsors can offer lending services to middle-market firms in the United States and worldwide.

The investment banking institution has strong relationships with many government agencies. They utilize risk mitigation strategies when negotiating capital for their clients. When working with clients, they offer them investment advisory. This advice helps entities to manage their funds and avoid bankruptcy and/or mismanagement of funds. They help mid-market firms in different niche markets and industries to realize success through a host of transactions.

Madison Street Capital considers emerging markets to be a key part of growth for all its partners. They strive to ensure that they dedicate a portion of their investment funding on these markets. They believe that this will help entities to gain huge profits that can be reinvested. In the long run, the companies will grow to become major brands.

Having helped clients from various sectors, Madison Street Capital knows the importance of precise recommendation and careful analysis. For companies looking for corporate governance, acquisition or simply selling a business, Madison Street Capital is an ideal partne

Darius Fisher; Magic Man!

Before his rise to high esteem, Darius Fisher was your average every day kid. He grew up going to Scarsdale high school and upon graduation went on to attend Vanderbilt University. Always being a bold personality who wanted to constantly be in the mix of something extraordinary Darius Fisher was fast to join in as the Social Chairman of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, an always excited member of the Alternative Spring Break, and as the strong willed President of the Vanderbilt Investment Club. Fisher’s strong work ethic and undeniable sense of self secured his future glory quickly when he achieved the great success of graduating from Vanderbilt with honors with a Bachelors Degree in Economics, cum laude. After accepting such a high achievement he jumped straight into the real world pool of endless possibilities and wound up working at Discovia for a year as their Litigation Support Executive in San Francisco. From there he gained notable momentum when he decided to make his allegiance for civil rights known by lending his experience to assist in the 2008 election process for California’s 4th congressional district as a political consultant aiding in the campaign of retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel Charlie Brown and standing next to Brown on the “No on Prop 8” crusade. Thanks to this brave undertaking Darius Fisher was quickly snatched up by Agora Publishing to write email marketing copy for a multitude of Agora affiliates. Fisher stayed with Agora for two years before taking a chance on something completely new; co-founding his own company. Today as the co-founder and president of the brilliant company known as Status Labs, Darius Fisher is an outstanding an impressive leader for a business of the future. Dealing in digital marketing, public relations, and primary online reputation management, Status Labs is being reared into a new year with the best man for the job; a multilingual breath of fresh air. It’s no wonder why everyone wants to work with such an acclaimed magic man. According to Yahoo Finance, Darius Fisher truly is a creative genius who knows all the best ins and outs of management.

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The Kabbalah Center and Its Impact of Its Principles to Society

The lives of a majority of the people have transformed courtesy of the teachings taught in the Kabbalah center. The center focuses on offering life skills to students with the aim of improving and bettering lives. Rav Yehuda is the man credited with starting and founding the Kabbalah center over ninety years ago.

Kabbalah center empowers its followers by teaching them spiritual tools that are in line with the Kabbalah precepts. The Kabbalah principles allow the students to comprehend the religion as well as apply its teachings in their everyday lives. Besides, adopting the virtues taught in Kabbalah center will result in a better world.

Kabbalah is evidently a religion providing people with wisdom to understand the way the world and life functions. The non-profit organization teaches its students about creation, physical and spiritual laws as well as the journey of the soul. Kabbalah teachings empower the learners with wisdom similar to that found in the holy books. If you also want to learn about the human existence and the origin of a man, then you need to enroll a course in Kabbalah center.

The center started its operations in the early twentieth century. It has its presence in over forty cities in the world besides large online presence. Some of the towns where Kabbalah branches can be found include Los Angeles and California.

Notably, people from different walks of life have a different interpretation of the Kabbalah religion. However, Kabbalah center embraces all these forms of interpretations.

If enroll as a student in any of the branches of Kabbalah centers, you will be able to learn various attributes that would significantly impact your life positively in a big way. For instance, you will learn about sharing what you have, the ability to control and balance your ego, respect for other humans as well as spiritual laws existence among others. Practicing these principles will help you to enhance your life besides changing the world around you.

Kabbalah center continues to influence and impact millions of the people across the universe through its outreach services, publications besides offering online and offline courses. You can visit various Kabbalah websites or blogs to get more information about the center.

Jason Hope, Arizona’s Leading Philanthropist

Jason Hope is Arizona’s leading entrepreneur and investor. Jason grew up in Tempe and was awarded a degree in finance from Arizona State University and MBA from Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason Hope is known for making predictions about where technology will be in the future.

Jason Hope first began his business career in mobile communication technology because of its ability to reach a large audience and was the one that was guaranteed to be changed. It still has room to grow and improve. His first venture in the field was selling text message services. Jason Hope makes a living through his portfolio of investments which include companies such as Digital Media Solutions, Computer and Business Information Systems, and Interactive Software.

Like most entrepreneurs, Jason Hope had some fears that he would be successful but he ended up being profitable right from the beginning, which convinced him to expand his portfolio.

In 2010, Jason Hope donated $500,000 to the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Research Foundation, which works to change the way the world researches and treats age-related disease. Jason Hope believes he is successful because he always keeps an eye on the future and paying attention to the potential technology has to make our lives better.

Like most technology users, Jason Hope rarely reads any paper books but instead reads electronic books including one of his recent favorites “Higher Intake of Whole Grains Associated with Lower Risk of Major Chronic Diseases and Death.” Jason Hope is working to find ways that will accelerate human intelligence using technology.

Hope was recently asked about a purchase that helped with his business, but instead of a purchase it was actually the selling of his house that helped him. By selling it, he freed up some time and money resources, allowing him the ability to help his local community and inspire those who are interested in the future of technology.

The one thing Jason Hope is proud about the most is his involvement with the SENS foundation and their work with anti-aging, which uses technology and not just treatments.


Handy Is Never Going To Stop

Handy is a very innovative cleaning company that has really set the tone for a new way to find cleaning professionals. Recently, INC did an article about Handy, because Handy is a company that has had healthy economic growth, but at the same time they have had to go through a lot of money.

Handy has a weekly meeting on Tuesdays at their New York headquarters, and for a while Oisin Hanrahan, one of the founders of the company feared this meeting, because of how badly a strategy was backfiring on the company. For quite some time, the two cofounders did not agree on a way to do onboarding for their 28 markets. Having to have an in person staff to do the majority of the hiring was costing the company millions of dollars, and was interested in making the entire process go online.

While his colleague was not in agreement with that, after time Oisin Hanrahan was able to convince Umang Dua to change the companies on boarding process to be completely through the Internet. The two had thought that this would have some type of kickback, and that is exactly what happened. The success of onboarding had gone down 40%, and the company had to cancel thousands of bookings.

The company has truly had many growing pains because they had to make structural and financial changes. Even though the company had an explosive growth and money flow, they were burning through a lot of their money and their goal was to turn their customers into consistent profit centers. Handy was able to reach their goals by improving their product, and they were able to also offer their clients affordable solutions. Handy is a company that has learned a lot of hard lessons, and they have had to take a lot of advice from their investors. Even though Handy is still growing and changing as a company, they are getting healthier and healthier with each passing quarter.



Securus Technologies- The Case of the Patent on the Video Visitation Innovation

Securus Technologies is an American communication company that offers telecommunication services to prisons. With its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Securus has a few other regional offices, employs up to 1,000 people, and has contracts with 2,600 prison facilities in the U.S. In July 2016, Securus announced that it had invested over $6,000 million in patents, acquisitions, and technologies in three years.



Securus Sets the Record Straight



In a press release issued on June 9, 2016, Securus Technologies made corrections to an earlier press release by GTL. According to Securus, GTL’s press release consisted of several statements that were inaccurate and misleading and the aim of their press release was to clarify these incorrect claims.



GTL claims that a recent decision by the United States Patent Trial gives them the right to seek injunctions and damages against Securus. Since the case in the Texas federal court has been stayed, GTL cannot seek any further relief. With regards to the patent that GTL claims to be PTAB validated, Securus asserts that it has not been validated and therefore, GTL cannot seek injunctions or damages against Securus.



The other issue is that PTAB ruled that GTL’s innovations were patentable. PTAB did not conclude that GTL innovations were patentable. They said they would not review the claims by GTL and this means the matter is not settled.



The other assertion by GTL that the hearing of the case is months away is untrue. The case is not scheduled for hearing any time this year. Moreover, when the trial resumes, Securus is confident that the jury will find that Securus did not use the methods claimed by GTL’s 816 patent.



Securus’ Parting Shot



GTL is optimistic that they will get an injunction against Securus to cause them to cease using their patented technologies. GTL also claims that Securus is using sly tactics to get GTL to settle. First, Securus is not using GTL’s patented technologies. Secondly, Securus does its best to reach mutually acceptable and intelligent financial agreements with organizations. Securus has even made license agreements with GTL in the past. Instead of engaging in unnecessary court battles, GTL is better off settling with Securus.


Helping You Have a Wiser Life

A lot of people want to be wise. But they dispute what wisdom means. Some people think wise individuals have lots of money and a strong work ethic. If you examine such individuals, most of them report that they are not peaceful and fulfilled, despite their large portfolios. They are stressed out daily. This is not what wisdom fully means. A wise person is content and at peace with themselves. They have what they need, but not so much that they forget where it comes from.

An ancient practitioner of Jewish wisdom, or Kabbalah, once observed, “A wise person avoids all extremes.” In our day and age, it is considered wisdom to work 10 hours a day, commute 2 hours a day, and have a superficial and showy religious life. If you ask the people who do this if they are content with themselves, they will report that they are hoping for something better, but are staunchly unwilling to alter their current behavior. This is the downside of becoming wise. You have to choose to become alone. There are two major types of fools in our day. One fool does nothing. The other fool tries to do everything, and fails. Do not be either.

This narrow path of wisdom is not fun. Many times, your extremely foolish friends will criticize you for being the opposite extreme. You will answer, and attempt to explain, and they will not listen. Do not give into the temptation to become an extremist once more, for if you do, you will lose the new found peace that being a moderate brings.

If you are curious about how to become wiser in your daily life, working smarter, not harder, than the Kabbalah Centre is the place for you to visit. The Kabbalah Centre is a nonsectarian organization. The Kabbalah Centre exists to help people like you find the peace and healing that you need in life. We walk through the ancient Jewish wisdom literature to help you see the mental and spiritual blocks that are keeping you from becoming the person you are supposed to be.

The Incredible Services that IAP Worldwide Offers across the Globe

IAP Worldwide Services is a globally recognized company that has specialized in a wide variety of technical undertakings. Its main solutions are emergency responses, conducting aviation procedures and management, logistics and supply chain control, network and communications as well as expeditionary services. The company has designed its services to assist clients in solving unpredictable complications such as natural calamities. Its services are currently available in more than 25 countries, and it has a staff of about 2000 professionals. IAP Worldwide has handled various projects successfully. It was recently hired to facilitate the U.S. Army Distributed Common Ground System, and the value of the deal was about $53 million. IAP Worldwide Services was contacted to offer support and emergency power to help Hurricane Mathew. It was also chosen by the U.S Navy to be part of a contract that was worth $900 million.

The professionals of the IAP Worldwide are experienced, and they can plan, control, and execute highly complicated technical and logistics undertakings. The firm owns IT and communication facilities, backup power amenities, aviation engineering solutions, expeditionary infrastructure, and military projects. Its clients regard it as a highly dependable provider of technology and human resources.

Read more: IAP Worldwide Services Division Develops Afghanistan’s Air Traffic Control System

The company’s mission is to utilize its unique skills, ingenuity, and unparalleled technology in serving clients. It ensures that the problems of the customers are fully solved by working on their goals. IAP Worldwide Services has four main competencies that manage its operations, and they are capability, commitment, determination, and agility. It appreciates the power of partnerships, and it has been working to collaborate with other enterprises and suppliers who can add value to its services.
IAP Worldwide is also a socially responsible company. Its community development undertakings include the commitment to veteran whereby, it has been offering job opportunities to the ex-military people. About 30 percent of IAP Worldwide Services’ staff are veterans. The firm has also dedicated itself to conserving the environment through advocating for efficient power consumption by developing LEED certified buildings. It has also been supporting the society, and it recently collaborated with United Way of Brevard. The enterprise helped in raising $45,000 in an annual campaign and also gave 4,500 canned commodities.

The workforce of the IAP Worldwide Services is robust due to the joint skills and experience of the employees. The professionals that it has been hiring are proficient in engineering, aviation, operations and accounting, logistics, and general management.

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Handy Makes Cleaning Easier for Customers

The cleaning process has become very simple for people that know about Handy. This has become the company that people go to when they are trying to make sure that they get the best possible cleaning in their homes. This is a company that is giving people access to a crew of contractors that can make life easier.

Handy is the type of organization that has managed to provide a lot of homeowners with all that they need to make cleaning easy. It can be a lot of fun to have companies like this to come out and clean the home. These cleaners have the ability to help you maximize your time, and this is especially valuable for people that are hosting parties.

There are a lot of people that have become enticed by what they see with Handy Cleaning Services. This company has grown in a lot of different ways in the last several years, and there are going to be a lot of customers that opt for the additional services outside of cleaning that are now being offered. The on-demand services are changing the way that people live. There is no need to struggle with mounting the television if it is possible to get someone from Handy to do this. There also is no need to waste time in a phone book looking for a plumber if there is one right at your disposal with Handy Cleaning Services. This is a great company that has made it possible to get all the work that you need in the home outsourced. is the organization that is changing the total outlook on everything that is being done inside the home. The company is helping people that have residential dwellings, vacation homes and businesses clean up in a timely manner.


Doe Deere: Rebellion Against The Status Quo

Doe Deere Ideamensch
Lime Crime is a revolutionary new cosmetic line that has been taking the world by storm as of late. This one time small brand has transcended the industry in more ways than any other cosmetic line in recent years. Company founder Doe Deere has become a household name and one of the top female entrepreneurs over the past few years. The success of Lime Crime can be seen through magazine ads, billboards, and by the use of your average everyday individual.


Founder Doe Deere has always had a passion for make-up as she and her little friends would have sleep-overs together while modeling their favorite make-up brands. Deere stood out as she always had an eclectic sense of style and fashion. She loved to experiment with vivid and brightly colored tones compared to her friends. As Deere got older she began taking it to another level and in 2004, Deere launched the brand to an online market. The young entrepreneur sewed and modeled her very own signature line of cosmetics using the wildest of colors. She new that she had to set herself apart from other brands so she made the vividly toned line her staple or go-to-products. One thing she noticed was that there was a lack of bright colored lipsticks on the market. Deere had just found her niche and she pounced on it. The Velvetine Line of Lipsticks became her money maker, which took the brand from slightly noticed, to more of a mainstream level.


Lime Crime has become a leader in this digital society and it gets many views on social media accounts on a daily basis. The idea was genius and the time was right as Lime Crime took over the cosmetic scene in 2008. The brand has it’s own unique style and lives by a different mantra. There is no discrimination here as these cosmetics are universal/unisex. On top of that, Lime Crime is (Cruelty-Free by PETA) and is Certified Vegan Free. This makes the product even more desirable as it hosts no nasty side effects on the skin’s surface unlike many other brands.


A typical day for Doe Deere is coming in to work and having a brief meeting with her personal creative director. The two review the projects or tasks as hand and then began formulating strategies for improvements. Deere stated that she’s involved in many meeting throughout her work weeks and she finds time for development purposes in her make-up laboratory. Deere also tests the products herself before putting it in the successful lineup of her cosmetics. The future is looking bright for Doe Deere and to the consumers she supplies with her extravagant line of exclusive cosmetics.