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The Department of Corrections in this country houses hundreds of thousands of inmates. Whatever crime the individual is charged with, he/she will have to serve the time. On the other hand, inmates are still people and have to be treated as such. Communications is one downside to being incarcerated, but Securus Technologies has changed the way inmates communicate with the outside world. Our advanced technologies can be seen as a luxury for many because it reminds them of how life use to be. It’s an escape, which allows them the ability to speak with their family members.


We offer a number of high quality communication services for inmates. This includes voice mail services, phone services and video services. Here at Securus, we offer different types of paid services that can allow the inmate to pay for the features. We have contracts with as many as 2,600 correctional complexes in the U.S. We also employ over 1,000 people. The process is basically supply and demand. Our company has been around for nearly 30 years, and we’ve managed to grow considerably.


As Securus has grown, the needs and demands have shifted. Safety and security are a big issue with the Department of Corrections and this is where we come into the picture. Our advanced technologies allow the prison system to cut down on crime. These progressive actions have dramatically improved prison and public safety. We offer some of the best solutions for investigating and monitoring, which have drastically decreased crime overall.


Our office has also received numerous thank you and appraisal letters from law enforcement officials across the board. Creating the safest possible environment is what we’re all about, and I think that we do a pretty good job of it. Securus is changing the status quo, whether it’s for safety or for communications.


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