How does Avaaz get and keep its membership involved?

Avaaz is known as the largest network for activists in the world. In its few years of history, it has managed to attract more than 44 million people to its cause. People who are committed to the work Avaaz does, and who are always willing to get involved.

How does Avaaz get and keep its membership involved, and how has it been so successful with its many social and political campaigns?

A feeling of constant movement — When a member checks the Avaaz website, there is a feeling of constant movement and as if great things are being done.

This is because Avaaz is constantly bringing its members attention to the issues it thinks is important and making sure they know how to get involved.

A variety of ways to be involved — There is something for every type of Avaaz member. Whether the person likes signing petitions, showing up at offline demonstrations, calling their elected officials, donating money for media campaigns or being involved in a sit-in — all of this are possible through Avaaz.

This tends to keep members involved, as they never feel the organization is pushing them to do something they do not want to do.

A variety of issuesAvaaz looks at every type of issue, from human rights to animal welfare, environmental and climate change to issues related to conflict zones.

This means there is always something for every member to work on, which is why Avaaz’ retention rate of its members is so high.

The organization’s success rate — Not only is Avaaz very successful at effecting change through the campaigns it runs, it is also one of the most successful non-profits in the world when it comes to raising money.

That makes members feel as though the work they are doing is important, and so they keep on doing it.

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