Malcolm CasSelle: A Unique Individual from the Digital Technology Sector

Virtual asset exchanges have used centralized marketplaces for the majority of their existence. Centralized marketplaces confer a number of benefits and have worked for better or worse for the last several years. However, despite the benefits that centralized marketplaces offer there are a few issues that come with the use of centralized technology. Malcolm CasSelle is well aware of the issues that arise whenever centralized technology is utilized in order to facilitate virtual asset transactions. The two primary issues that arise are those of geographic fragmentation and fraudulent activity.*broI3gjcm9QlSeFMMHxU8w.png


Malcolm CasSelle has recently launched a new company that he has titled Worldwide Asset Exchange. This company utilizes the same technology that the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin, uses. This technology is known as blockchain technology. Blockchain technology allows the decentralization of assets and can facilitate peer-to-peer transactions in a cryptographic manner that all but eliminates fraudulent activity. As a result, the issue of fraud that is prevalent in centralized marketplaces is more or less eliminated entirely. Additionally, Malcolm CasSelle has launched a new cryptocurrency that promises to erase the issue of geographic fragmentation. Since virtual assets can be exchanged around the world in many instances, individuals do not use the same native currency. In order to facilitate their transactions, they must go to foreign exchange markets which unnecessarily drives the cost of doing business upwards.

Malcolm CasSelle is an accomplished figure in the digital tech industry. He holds both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University respectively. He is well known for his success as a venture capitalist and has invested during the early stages of several well-known technology companies. He was able to invest during the early stages of both Zynga and Facebook. In addition to his success as a venture capitalist, he has helped to launch several startup companies some of which have gone on to achieve global notoriety such as MediaPass and Xfire. If being a venture capitalist and a successful startup leader was not enough he is also currently the chief investment officer of one of the world’s largest centralized virtual asset exchanges, OPSkins.


How Roberto Santiago Minds His Reputation For His Mall

There are many factors to the success of a shopping mall. One of the factors that people seem to associate with success when it comes to malls is the size of the mall. However, there are plenty of other factors that go into the success of the mall. For instance, reputation has a lot of influence over the success of an individual or a business. This is one thing that Roberto Santiago has understood. Therefore, he has done everything he can to make sure that he has a good reputation so that he can continue to attract customers and keep bringing in innovations.


One thing that Roberto Santiago does for his reputation is make sure that the shops that he has in his mall are offering something that is positive for the customers. For instance, he makes sure that he has stores that are selling items that are good for the environment. He is also encouraging stores that help people with their passions and aspirations to open up in one of the spots in the mall. This helps customers work towards something positive for their lives. When people have places to go to build their careers, then they are going to be willing to visit that place in the future.


Another thing that Roberto Santiago does with his mall is make sure that he has some of the best security in place so that customers can feel safe. He is aware that some illegal activity can cause customers to feel unsafe and make them unwilling to shop at that place. Therefore, he makes sure that he hires security that is willing to make sure that the environment stays safe for customers. They are also efficient about making sure that they are going after the right people.


One of the best things about Manaira Shopping is that it is designed so that people will not only get products they like, but will also make positive leaps in their lives. Therefore, they will get a lot from Manaira Shopping. For instance, one of the best features of Manaira Shopping is the college they have in the mall.


Adam Milstein Explains Pride And Courage In Jewish History In The Times Of Israel Blog

Adam Milstein, an author at the Times of Israel and executive at Hager Pacific Properties says young Jews have a role to fulfill as ambassadors for a strong Israel and its identity, and parents should encourage them to be courageous and proud to be Jews. Israel has overcome a lot of opposition to remain strong in the Middle East, and though many years have passed since the days of Judas Maccabeus, a hero that Milstein has talked about often, the need for modern-day Maccabees is still there. Jews over the years have been among the world’s top thinkers with many of them attending prestigious universities, holding high executive positions and even being elected to office in the government.

Adam Milstein says pride in Israel is one of the first steps to Jewish prosperity not only in the homeland but also in the global community. He says pride is exhibited in what he calls “Israeliness which means Jewish people are proud of their identity and show it, and they also look out for each other. And courage is foundational to being strong because it empowers Jews and Israelis to take their enemies head-on in every struggle.

Adam Milstein was born in Israel in 1952 and is the oldest of three sons, and his young adult life included four years in the Israeli military and being deployed to fight against the Egyptian forces in the Yom Kippur War. He came to the US after finishing his bachelor’s degree at the Israeli Institute of Technology – Technion and attended graduate school at USC. Several years later he helped found Hager Pacific Properties and over the last 30 years has made that company the managing agent of over $1 billion in properties.

Adam Milstein is also the founder of the Israeli-American Council, and through partnerships with AIPAC, Hasbara Fellowships, Hillel International and StandWithUs he’s given a voice to the Israeli-American community. He and his wife Gila also started Sifriyat Pijama B’America, a program that has made learning Hebrew easier for Jewish families who are brand new to it. He is also a father to three daughters and has several grandchildren as well.

Chicago-Based Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. He has had a very long and successful career in the transportation and logistics industry. Mandera has been working in this industry since the late 1970’s and therefore has over four decades of experience in helping customers ship various items. His company’s services have been able to meet the many needs of shipping customers throughout Illinois and the rest of the United States. With an impressive track record of business accomplishments, Perry has been able to establish himself as a leading entrepreneur.

One of the most notable experiences of Perry Mandera’s life was when he served in the military ( He spent a number of years in the United States Marine Corps. During his time as a Marine, Perry would be responsible for the transportation of both troops and supplies. This particular experience allowed Perry to develop his idea for a business as well as expertise in the transportation and shipping field. While this task helped Perry formulate an idea for a business, the thing that he is most fond of during is time in the Marines was the interaction with his fellow troops. Perry often talks about how spending time with the other troops allowed him to enhance his social life and have a fulfilling experience while serving his country in the Marines.

After serving in the Marines, Perry would get involved in community service and politics. He would run for office in the mid 1980’s and looked to be elected to the Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th ward in Chicago. Perry Mandera succeeded and would serve a four year term. While serving at this position, he was the youngest Republican Ward Committeeman to ever serve in Chicago. During this time, he realized that helping others was one of the most fulfilling things. As a result, Perry would get actively involved in charitable work and would become a well known philanthropist while running his business. When engaging in philanthropy, Mandera looks to provide assistance to many groups of people including children. He often provides material support and funding to help enhance their livelihood. Perry also looks to ask his employees to find others that they can help as well in order to best give back to the community.


Eric Lefkofsky efforts in the fight against cancer

Tempus, a startup based in Chicago IL has recently achieved Unicorn status, as it is now worth $1.1 billion. New Enterprise Associates, Revolution Growth, Kinship Trust Co. and T. Rowe Price Associates, are responsible for the latest investment of $80 million. Since 2015, Tempus has received $210 million in investments. Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Tempus, and attributes the momentum in funding for the startup to the current space health information technology is in. We are on the cutting edge of a healthcare revolution. As more doctors incorporate electronic health records as part of their healthcare delivery methods, including electronic prescribing, there is lots of data in various health information technology nodes. Tempus is creating a platform that applies machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to identify trends and correlations to help fight cancer at the molecular level. Tempus is trying to create value from healthcare data to enhance the lives of cancer patients.

Eric Lefkofsky is also co-founder of Uptake, another data analytical tool, that allows data from various sources to be analyzed to identify concrete actionable solutions. Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, and InnerWorking are all leaders in their respective industries utilize Uptake as part of the quest to extract value for progress in security, transportation and health care among other sectors. Mediaocean provides integrated media resource and procurement technological tools. Echo Global Logistics, is logistic company that leverages the power technology to enhance transportation efforts. InnerWorkings provides printing solutions for businesses, including copiers, faxes, printers, and maintenance.

In 2006 the Lefkofsky Family Foundation was established. The Lefkofsky Foundation is a private not for profit organization with a mission to enhance the lives of individuals in the communities served. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation seeks to have equal access to education, improve human rights in underserved communities, and contribute to environments that encourage innovative medical research.

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Tony Petrello Turned Struggle Into Success

Anthony (Tony) Petrello is one of the most important individuals in the United States of America. Although he is not a popular figure that makes speeches to the masses or has interviews on the television screen. Tony Petrello is someone to get to know about.

The friends of Anthony Petrello would say that Tony deserves every achievement and every dollar he has earned. The describe him to be a humble and honest man. Being a man such as Petrello will bring its fair share of those who love you and those who are jealous of you. In 2014 Tony earned $68.2 million dollars and became one of the United States of America’s highest paid CEO’s. Tony was CEO of Nabors Industries which is one of the top natural gas and oil drilling firms in the industry.

Tony Petrello grew up knowing what is is to work hard for things as he grew up with his parents in Newark, New Jersey as part of the working class community. The neighborhood that Petrello grew up in was mostly Italian. Tony has come a long way from the Italian Newark neighborhood to being the leader of one of today’s top oil companies.

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Tony Petrello understands that in order to be successful, one must put in the work. As a young child Petrello would spend hours on end studying textbook once he learned to read on his own. A young Tony was able to master differential calculus. The level of intelligence that Petrello had as a child when it came to mathematics was that of a trained logician or physicist.

Watching his parents stuggle is what motivated Tony Petrello for the future. He stayed up late at night studying everything he could about logic and mathematics. His drive was so that he could provide for his family and promise them a better life in the future. At the age of 18 Tony Petrello was awarded a full scholarship to Yale due to his linear algebra and calculus level being at a Ph.D. level. This scholarship brought great relief to Tony’s parents. They no longer had to worry about how they would pay for him to go to college and they knew that with the education that Tony would be receiving at Yale University, it would form a foundation for him to have a wonderful future.

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The Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens is one of the wealthiest men in the world with his net worth estimated at $1.2 billion in 2008.The husband of Lynn Edens and a father of four was ranked 962 in the Forbes’ billionaire list of 2008. Although his recent net worth is unknown, it is only assumed to higher he proves to be creative in his financing. Always noticing a way to build businesses from investments.

The self-made billionaire has a B.S. from Oregon State University in Finance. He set off his journey of a million miles in finance as a managing director at Lehman Brothers. Having worked there from1987 to 1993, he moved on to BlackRock Financial Management Inc. This was an equity fund, and he worked there as the partner and managing director until 1997.In the next year, Wes Edens and Randal A. Nardone cofounded on Fortress Investment Group.

The Fortress started off as a private equity company but over the years transitioned into an international investment manager. The firm that has its headquarters at New York is estimated to be worth $72 billion or more. The company can boast in its expert capability on pricing, financing and owning assets from real estate, transportation, media and financial assets secured by durable cash flow. The firm bought Springleaf Financial Services. This made it a majority stakeholder in the company formerly recognized as American General Finance. Edens was stated to be the medium during this purchase, and this supported the statement The Wall Street Journal had published, labelling him as the new king of subprime lending.

In 2017, Wes Edens became the Chief Executive Officer at Fortress Investment Group in New York, and Peter L. Briger Jr. was the Co-C.E.O. in San Francisco. In the same year, the firm created e-Sports and had its team named FlyQuest. This is a competition in video gaming, and it involves multi-players. This was a new venture and experience since it is not like the individual personal video gaming that is on our phones or computers. This competition involves gaming professionals compete against each other. The Investment Group had to part with a large amount from their bank account to buy some players from Cloud9.The team participated in the North American League of Legends Championship Series.

Other than offering leadership in the investment company with over 953 employees to its name, Wes Edens co-owns Milwaukee Bucks after parting with a whopping $550 million. He and Marc Lasry bought the National Basketball Association franchise from Herb Kohl. This seems to act as an inspiration to his youngest daughter, Mallory Edens, who expressed her aspiration to buy the New York Knicks someday. This being sufficient proof that the fruit does not fall away from the tree.

Although in the Finance world luck is not a factor to consider since it’s all about numbers and more numbers, one cannot help but wonder if the billionaire has his lucky star to thank for as it seems every investment he touches turns into gold.

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See the Positive Changes PSI-Pay Has Brought Into the Business World

The banking business and world are getting innovative each day and this makes it look quite complicated. However, this is a positive or good problem to all. Although the electronic banking system may look complicated for some people, its benefits cannot be undermined. Customers can directly benefit from the banking alternatives available today. Although there are several such payments available, PSI-Pay seems to top the list. With this banking and payment alternative, you can deposit or withdraw your money no matter the currency. With the assistance of Financial Conduct Authority, PSI-Pay has helped many individuals and businesses manage their financial affairs.

What PSI-Pay dreams about is achieving an authorized payment system that is highly regulated. This means it aims at making the system reliable and available for all global consumers. Since this payment method is highly regulated, it would easily offer payment solutions and payment options through partnership sponsorship. Moreover, the company ensures the complete validity of these payment options. Since 2007, the company has been doing well and its reputation has been increasing. Its payment options have been accepted globally. Most of the operations of this company have been of great benefit to global business people.

The company has a team and each team player has professional credentials. PSI-Pay takes pride in the clarity, efficiency, and transparency of its services. The company is extensively known for its experience in global banking and reliable alternative payments. MasterCard International recognizes PSI-Pay as its Principal Issuing Member from 2009. This means it has been licensed to issue prepaid and debit payment cards. It can also issue contact programs and virtual cards to the businesses and individuals in need. In the European Union, PSI-Pay has been able to provide MasterCard services since 2014. The main aim of this company is to help businesses to do best in distribution, marketing, and sales, as well as, in general marketing.


The company allows businesses to receive and send payments in more than 44 currencies. In fact, more than 173 countries have embraced the payment technique PSI-Pay has introduced. Money management is no longer a problem in the business world to people who have embraced PSI-Pay payment methods. The kind of currency services they offer electronically is great. The partners of this company are happy with its services since they can customize them when they need to do that. The company offers flexible products to ensure the partnership it has with the customers is fruitful and meaningful.

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Matt Badiali and Mining Information

Matt Badiali is a well-known finance authority who is in Delray Beach, Florida. He’s been an important player in the realm of natural resources for about two decades now. People these days frequently connect his name to Banyan Hill Publishing’s trusted Real Wealth Strategist. That’s simply due to the fact that he’s the online newsletter’s attentive Editor. Badiali is someone who doesn’t back down any time work comes into play. He has no problem beginning discussions with other people. He has no problem globetrotting to conduct studies regarding all of his investment possibilities. He believes in his investment career and because of that has been to all kinds of locations. Some of these are Haiti, Papua New Guinea, Switzerland, Iraq, Turkey, Singapore and Hong Kong. He’s started vital conversations with all kinds of distinguished company heads. He’s studied geological details with expert precision and care. Read this article at

Real Wealth Strategist is an advisory services newsletter that’s accessible to the public through the Banyan Hill Publishing site. Badiali puts this newsletter together with a lot of love. This geologist has a lot of knowledge on his side. He gives that knowledge to people who are fascinated by investments that involve any natural resources. He yearns to assist people who are eager to swiftly and confidently get high-quality gains.

Matt Badiali also works on an advisory specialty through Banyan Hill Publishing that’s called Front Line Profits. He uses Front Line Profits to provide readers with suggestions that pertain to resource stocks. If an individual wishes to learn about resource stocks that are about to move up, Front Line Profits can make a precious source of dependable information. People who wish to expand their assets frequently are eager to read Front Line Profits. Read more articles by Matt Badiali at Banyan Hill.

Matt Badiali’s insight is useful to many readers. His readers enjoy finding out his takes on many riveting topics. He likes to communicate his feelings regarding cryptocurrencies, technology, mining investments, agricultural stocks, oil production, commodities, copper mining and more. If an individual wants to learn a lot about the latest prices for oil, Matt Badiali can help.

Matt Badiali likes teaching people and helping them move ahead. He, perhaps unsurprisingly, has a good teaching background, too. He’s been in charge of geology classes that have taken place at some of the finest higher educational institutions located in the United States. These schools include both the University of North Carolina and Duke University.


 OSI Industries Won’t Stop New Growth

OSI Industries is a fast-growing company. They started out relatively small and continued to grow to get to levels most other companies were unable to do. The company saw a lot of opportunities in different businesses and chose to work with them to make their own business better. They also saw there would be new opportunities when it came to other options they had available. As long as OSI Industries could try to help people, they felt confident they would be making the most out of the business. They scored major contracts with international companies because of their mindset.

When they started working with international companies, OSI Industries knew they would need to start growing their company. They knew their initial position in the United States would work for a short period, but it wouldn’t work for what they wanted to do. They wanted to go global. Their reach was going to make a huge difference and that’s how they planned to try different things to get to where they felt comfortable. They also wanted to make sure people understood they were trying their best with the company opportunities they had. It was their way of giving attention to the issues in the food industry.

While doing all of this, OSI Industries wanted to try to maintain an attitude of sustainability. They felt it would be important to be a part of an industry focused on sustainable efforts. They knew the food industry was not thinking about sustainability, but they wanted to do it. Because of this, they set the standard for the industry. They started to be sustainable about their practices and other companies followed. Now, they are trying even harder to make sure they can do things the right way. They want companies to realize there is more to the food industry than just producing without being responsible for damages.

Even though they like to think about sustainability, OSI Industries also likes to produce as much as they can. Their ideas to produce as much as they can come from the hard work they put into the business. They want to show people how things will get better. They also want to give other companies the food they are looking for. Even their latest acquisition, of a Tyson plant, is a testament to their dedication to production. Since they know what they are doing, they feel confident they can produce everything the companies are looking for. OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago

As long as they continue to acquire different businesses, OSI Industries knows they will be making the right choices. They also know they can try to give people what they are looking for. When they make the choice to acquire a new company, they are confident they can do it the right way. They are always looking for new options to take advantage of. All of the things they do allow them to try new things with new companies so they can make more money. Their business grows because they help other businesses grow. OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago