Shared Office Space NYC Saves Businesses Money


Companies are always looking for ways to save money. These methods can vary greatly in their effectiveness. One of the most popular of these methods is the practice of sharing office space with other companies. This sort of mutual arrangement between companies has been going on for 20 years. However, it has exploded in popularity during the past decade as the bad economy caused companies to seek additional ways to lower their expenditures while also maintaining their productivity. Studies have shown that shared office space is mutually beneficial to both of the companies that are involved in this sort of arrangement.

Shared office spaces consists of a single area that is shared by the employees of two or more companies. The reason that companies are willing to do this comes down to money. It is much cheaper for companies to share the rent on an office space than footing the bill on their own. It is the same reason why people have a roommate that allows them to pay half the rent they would if they lived alone. The significant financial savings offered by shared office space enables companies to keep their costs low during their crucial early days when money is tight and customers are hard to come by.

One of the most popular cities for shared office spaces is San Francisco. This is due to the large amount of tech startup companies that employ mostly young people. Studies have shown that young people are happy to work in the same office space as employees of a different company. They find that they can bounce new ideas off the people they are sharing their office with. This instant feedback enables an increased level of productivity for companies that are utilizing this type of shared office environment.

One of the leading companies in the New York shared office space industry is Workville. They are located not far from Times Square in New York City. They provide offices that are ready to move into. There are three outdoor terraces, a lounge area and a café that members can use. Workville currently has clients consisting of small businesses and startups. Their offices are in the building at 1412 Broadway on the 21st floor. Offices are cleaned on a daily basis. They can be accessed at any time of the day or night. Mail service, Internet, printers and private phones are offered to all members.

Securus Technologies Grant Prisoners in Louisiana One Free Call a Day

Securus Technologies allowed prisoners from Louisiana to make one free phone call to their families from September 1st to September 7th as a result of the latest surge of floods that caused severe damage in the state. The technological leader in law and justice communications partnered with the Louisiana Department of Corrections (LA DOC) in order to provide the complimentary calls to LA DOC prisoners with families that may have been impacted by the floods.


Approximately 250,000 calls were needed in order to connect inmates to their loved ones during the first week in September. Securus Technologies believes that it is a priority for prisoners to receive assistive services after tragedies occur. The technological company estimated the value of the free calls to be $300,000 and also donated $50,000 to the prisoner welfare fund at LA Doc to make sure that inmates’ needs were taken care of. The devastation caused by the floods led to increased stress for inmates worried about their families. Securus Technologies wanted to alleviate the anxiety that LA DOC prisoners were feeling by offering free phone services to the inmates.


Securus Technologies’ goal is to provide funding to inmate telephone calls in a convenient manner. The technological company serves correction facilities and law enforcement agencies throughout North America. Over 1,200,000 inmates use Securus Technologies to communicate and gather information. The company believes that connecting what matters is important and makes sure that inmates can contact families when needed.


What’s the deal with Tidal?

Business is judged from its profitability. Then you can comfortably gauge the going concern of the organization. When faced with tough situations, however, shareholders have to make decisions that relate to the financial state of the firm. Tidal, one of the major leading streaming companies has recently held talks with the Samsung, a major electronics company. It has been rumored of its financial difficulties such that Jay-Z had to use his money to settle bills. The major in past, Samsung had partnered with Jay-Z in the launch of Holy Grail in 2013 and Rihanna’s launch of ANTI last month. The company has previously had ties and hence it will not be the first time they do business. The news comes after a call by Kanye West for Tidal to end wrangles with Apple, one of their greatest competitors, not to mention that Apple and Spotify had eyes on Tidal as well. The move comes after the Tidal failed to get new subscriptions with new releases from Rihanna, Kanye, and Beyoncé’. Could be a tough decision but they will eventually have to make it.

If the deal has to push through or whatever they decide, Desiree Perez will have a significant role to play in it. She has played a part in Tidal’s major decision e.g. the two major involvement of Samsung with Jay-z and Rihanna; she had a significant role in their success, and the negotiation, therefore, will be quite successful with her presence. It will be no exception to others given she is a brilliant negotiator. Being experienced in the field as well, she makes the perfect person negotiate any deal. She is a dedicated person and will not let anyone step on her toes no matter what. Tidal has had the best team players, but it needs a new home. Let’s trust it will get the best.

You ought to know when to hold on and when to let go. Marketing and gauging the effectiveness of one’s position is vital in every business. The success of it lies not only on the company but all stakeholders. Tidal had led and left a mark in the entertainment industry, that why it gained a lot of competition from other firms. However, in all the circumstances it has managed to stand tall to be counted among the others, but more so being a leader. However, until it’s decided and it’s agreed upon, let’s enjoy the music as we always have.

Medicare Advantage Plans InnovaCare Has Incorporated in its Service Delivery

InnovaCare is on top of the list when it comes to provisions of Medicare Advantage plans, Medicaid as well as practice services by physicians. InnovaCare are after provision of services which are of high quality which is in line with the advanced technology.

InnovaCare Health are also keen to cut the cost of their services. The company has two Medicare Advantage plans which are in operation, and they are in Puerto Rico-MMM and PMC Medicare Choice, and they have over 200,000 members.

The company is under the firm leadership of Dr. Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. Rick Shinto is the President and Chief Executive Officer and has served in the company diligently. He has a very rich background in leadership. He has the experience having served as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Aveta from 2008 to 2012.

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The Chief Administrative Officer of the company is Penelope Kokkinides. She was appointed to the post in June 2015. She had been serving as the Chief Operating Officer in the company and had also acted as the Vice President of Aveta. She has been in the industry for over two decade. She has a lot of experience in health care.

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Many people who have Medicare have their health coverage coming from Original Medicare. However, there are those who make use of Medicare Advantage plan usually one-third and part thereof. It is called Medicare Private Plan. The private plans are given contract by the government so that they can serve citizens in providing Medicare services. They are paid a price per person which is fixed.

If you decide to be in a Medicare Advantage Plan, you have Medicare, and that is why one should ensure that he/she pay part B premium monthly and pay for Part A in case you have. The Medicare Advantage Plan should be in a position to provide services for Part A and Part B. These services will be as offered by Original Medicare, but terms and conditions apply, such as rules changing, different cost and some restrictions.

The Medicare Advantage Plans should have a limit included in the expenses that are out of pocket for services of Part A and B. They can, however, be high. Remember that sharing of cost in services such as chemotherapy and dialysis which have high cost is not catered for in the Plans but it can apply to other services.

Different rules apply depending on the Plan that is being considered. It is also notable that the same type of Plan, when offered by a different company, can also have different rules, and it is advisable that you be keen and check the coverage of a particular plan so that you can be aware.

Highland Capital Management under James Dondero – A Story of a Philanthropist

Highland capital management is a name well known in the area of investment management. The company is based in Dallas. It has many years of familiarity in alternative asset management. The company’s president and co-founder James Dondero applies the proactive approach in his management style in his philanthropic efforts.

The company is registered as an investment consultant, with roughly 18 billion dollars of assets under its organization. It is one of the leading alternative credit management organizations in the world. Its areas of specialization include credit hedge funds. Collateralized loan obligation, special and distressed situation, private equity and large- only accounts. Other investment services offered by the firm include emerging markets, natural resources, and short/long equities. The company also operates offices in Seoul, Sao Paulo, New York and Singapore.

The firm has been on the lookout for a partner who would manage his budget allocated for charity. Their search came to an end when they formed a partnership with Dallas foundation. The foundation has existed in the Dallas state for decades. It has mainly been serving non-profit agencies and donors. In an article published on the foundation’s website, James had reportedly stated that the partnership would help them manage their charity budget that had grown to an excess of 3 million dollars. Mary Japonica and Dondero looked at the available strategies that would be more effective in solving the challenges that the people of Dallas are facing. The partnership led to the formation of Highland Dallas foundation Inc., whose main aim was to support Dallas foundation.

He is the head and partner of Highland Capital Management. He has over 30 years practice in equity and credit market. He majors primarily on distressed and high-yield investments. Dondero is also the chairman of cornerstone healthcare, Eubank and CCS medical.

He has also served as a board member of MGM studios and American banknote. Mr. Dondero is a well-known philanthropist who supports initiatives in veteran’s affairs, education and public policy. Before HCM, he assisted in building GIC, which is a subsidiary of protective life. This is a recap of an article published on

Positive Trading Work Enviroment: Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando started his financial career at the Chicago Merchantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade. For seven years, he continued his work with the Chicago Board of Trade until he decided to start Chopper Trading in 2003. He wanted to change the atmosphere in which his brokers work. When he started the company, he made sure his hiring process was lengthy, to ensure that everyone they hired was a team player and wanted to bring positivity. His office is equipped with table tennis, pool, weights, and other activities to help his employees wind down after work. They tend to hang out after work too. He wants to look at it as a marriage, hoping his employees stay through to retirement.

Their recruiters go to fairs and other hiring places to look for those who would be a good fit for the team. He doesn’t want anyone who will look down the road and regret their decision to come work for Chopper. Their desire is to hire to retire. Fernando brings his experience to his company and desires to make it what he wants. Traders have a mix of technical and personality skills, so it makes it difficult to come up with a list of set traits. Fernando wants his recruiters to look for those who can improve his company.

He does invest time and money into charitable causes. He is a member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Chicago Council on Global affairs. He is an active fundraiser for the Democratic Party. Raj Fernando sold his company in 2015 to start, which is a site for reviews and surveys for people and institutions.

Eric Pulier Uses His Knowledge Of Technology To Achieve Great Things

Eric Pulier has always had a strong talent for innovating and doing the extraordinary within the field of technology. As of today, he is a highly regarded entrepreneur and public speaker within the industry, with active involvement in philanthropist projects. Since mid 2015, Eric has been working at Stemulis as the company’s Chief Executive.

Since way back in elementary school, Eric has had an interest in technology. He was already learning how to program and code on computers at this age, so you could say he started his career young. Throughout his school Eric always stuck with his interest in technology and showed off his abilities. While still attending high school in New Jersey, Eric even started up his own database business. Following which he wanted to get an even high education by earning a degree at Harvard University.

Eric has founded Desktone, Digital Evolution, US Interactive, and quite a few more so far in his career, all made capable with his expertise in technology. To add to that, he is also a standing member for the Logic Library, acting as an Executive Chairmen as well as Santa Monica Media, where he operates as a Tech Officer. His presence in the technology industry continues to spread today.

On top of his achievements in business and finances, Eric is also actively working to help people around the world in different ways. He does this by trying to find different technological solutions to problems in many different regions. Not only has he made donations to the Starlight Foundation to help children that are effected by chronic conditions, but Eric also spent his time working with Doctors for Africa to help advance the medical services and solutions available.

Clinton Global Initiatives also work with Eric Pulier. As a member he started up his own project for cloud computing by using servers hosted on the internet and collecting data from their networks. This allows for access to information from all over, which is much better being stuck to local data and needing more computers per individual.

Talk Fusion Video Chat Gains Momentum in 2016

This cutting edge technology challenges all we thought we knew about effective communication.

In “Talk Fusion Video Chat” the author defines what we can expect from this fast growing industry in 2016. During the last 12 months, research has apparently leaped ahead, and personal or business to business communication will never be the same. In this article, the author does a good job of backing an opinion with facts. With two awards to their credit in the last year alone, Talk Fusion is certainly doing something right.

If Talk Fusion is all the author claims it to be, then its founder and CEO, Bob Reina truly has reason to be proud of his staff and product. According to the Article being reviewed here, the WebRTC technology is going to change all our lives for the better. Its widespread popularity speaks for itself. Keeping up with the latest in technology often isn’t easy, but it seems that in the case of Talk Fusion, it will be more than worth the effort. The author did a very good job informing us what to expect from Talk Fusion, and included links to the product itself.

As mentioned in the article (link available below), Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC presented Talk Fusion with the two aforementioned awards. When a man in that position gives his opinion and/or approval of a service or product, we should listen. As we all know, information is power, and reading the article that has been discussed here, “Talk Fusion Video Chat,” could be the first step in gaining your share of that power. The future can’t happen without people like Bob Reina pushing it forward.

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John Goullet Contributions in the IT Department

Diversant is a certified minority held company that is found in the US. Diversant boasts for being the biggest American African information technology staffing firm in the globe. Diversant offers its clients from all parts of the world a wide range of qualified staff in the IT sector. The institution is also known for giving consumers a wide range of solutions.

Diversant has done quite well in the growing and competitive information technology industry. The company is believed to have beaten most of its competitors because of its different way of operating. The institution always tries to maintain a high level of operational standards, especially when selecting the staff it sends to its clients. Diversant also performs all its operations with very high levels of integrity, following all the rules and regulations laid out by the authorities. This discipline has enabled the company to attract a wide range of clientele from different parts of the world, becoming very successful.

John Goullet name is recognized in the information technology world. He is a principle in Diversant, and he has several businesses in the world. He is a professional in the IT world, and he has worked in the industry for many years, acquiring a lot of experience. In his entire career, Goullet has been in charge of several that specialize in the IT department, and they have been successful under his leadership.

John Goullet began working in the Information Technology sector at the consultation level many years ago, just after completing his education. In the consultation level, John worked for several years and in the year 1994, he decided to join the staffing department. Because he has a lot of knowledge in the industry, John’s new venture was quite successful, and his company, referred to as Info Technologies recorded a huge grown.

Info Technologies, under the leadership of John Goullet has been a successful staffing firm in the country. The staffing company offers its services to hundreds of institutions in the country. The company has also earned a lot of revenue since it was started, and it is considered one of the fastest ventures in the country.

Protecting Your Online Rep

If you are reading this article right now I am assuming you already know a bit about Online Reputation Management (ORM), therefore I will not go into detail of what it is. What I do want to discuss is some basic points of how to keep your online reputation solid.

First off, let me lay down some general guidelines that should be followed for ORM to be effective. Lesson number one is just doing it. Keeping your online reputation intact requires constant effort. It is a proactive endeavor that needs time and sometimes money. It is well worth it though. You really can not put a price tag or time limit on maintaining how you Brand Yourself in the eyes of the world. The main thing to remember is to take it easy. It can be quite overwhelming to keep track of every little place your name is mentioned online, but if you are patient and learn the ropes, it becomes second nature.

The second lesson is to be nice. If you find some derogatory remarks about you or your company, handle it with class. If you start spouting off at the mouth you will only be promoting what is being said and will not be defending against it. Always respond to comments cordially and leave your contact details, so that people feel you are really trying to rectify the situation in question. Finding out about what is being said is the first part, defending against it is the second. Both are needed and both are equally important.

If you can budget in ORM into your online expenditures, I highly recommend you do so. There are a number of companies that specialize in online reputation management services. They really take the hassle out of tracking and protecting your brand. Do not worry, however, if you are new to all this and are just beginning to build an online name for yourself, because the final piece of advice I am going to give is where to find what is being said about your brand, for free!

There are plenty of free resources online that allow you to find out what people are saying about you or your company. Just because they are free does not mean they are ineffective. I, myself, have used the following free tools to keep my reputation safe for years.

Google Alerts
Twitter Searches
If This Then That (IFTTT)
Complaint Site Search

Of course, you can simply Google your brand as much as possible, but this is not going to notify you of every place your name is mentioned online. That is why I suggest using the above tools to scrape as many areas on the Net as possible.

If you follow the free lessons and advice I have just mentioned you will be on your way to mastering ORM. Once you become rich and famous, or if you already are, please do look into hiring some professionals to do this job for you. That way you can spend your time on what you do best – building your brand!