Adam Milstein Explains Pride And Courage In Jewish History In The Times Of Israel Blog

Adam Milstein, an author at the Times of Israel and executive at Hager Pacific Properties says young Jews have a role to fulfill as ambassadors for a strong Israel and its identity, and parents should encourage them to be courageous and proud to be Jews. Israel has overcome a lot of opposition to remain strong in the Middle East, and though many years have passed since the days of Judas Maccabeus, a hero that Milstein has talked about often, the need for modern-day Maccabees is still there. Jews over the years have been among the world’s top thinkers with many of them attending prestigious universities, holding high executive positions and even being elected to office in the government.

Adam Milstein says pride in Israel is one of the first steps to Jewish prosperity not only in the homeland but also in the global community. He says pride is exhibited in what he calls “Israeliness which means Jewish people are proud of their identity and show it, and they also look out for each other. And courage is foundational to being strong because it empowers Jews and Israelis to take their enemies head-on in every struggle.

Adam Milstein was born in Israel in 1952 and is the oldest of three sons, and his young adult life included four years in the Israeli military and being deployed to fight against the Egyptian forces in the Yom Kippur War. He came to the US after finishing his bachelor’s degree at the Israeli Institute of Technology – Technion and attended graduate school at USC. Several years later he helped found Hager Pacific Properties and over the last 30 years has made that company the managing agent of over $1 billion in properties.

Adam Milstein is also the founder of the Israeli-American Council, and through partnerships with AIPAC, Hasbara Fellowships, Hillel International and StandWithUs he’s given a voice to the Israeli-American community. He and his wife Gila also started Sifriyat Pijama B’America, a program that has made learning Hebrew easier for Jewish families who are brand new to it. He is also a father to three daughters and has several grandchildren as well.

Eminent Advocacy Groups for Civil, Human and Migrant Rights


The modern-day human rights violations such as gender discrimination, police brutality and even in some cases racism have led to an increase in the number of human rights advocacy groups out there. These are some of the renowned human rights organizations that have stood the test of time. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: and

The Advocates for Human Rights

The Advocates for Human Rights was founded in 1983 as an independent, non-partisan and non-profit organization that creates and maintains lasting and holistic change both locally and internationally. The Advocates for Human Rights work towards creating international human rights standards to promote civil society and reinforcement of the rule of law.

For over 30 years, they have been heavily involved in helping change the lives of immigrants and refugees, women and children, ethnic and religious minorities and other marginalized communities all over world by investigating and exposing human rights violations, representing immigrants and refugees seeking asylum, and also training and assisting groups that protect human rights, engage the public, policy-makers to push for legal and sound policy reforms.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights is a group of human and immigrant rights advocates based in the state of California with operations all around the US. CHIRLA was founded in 1986, and over the years they have helped several immigrants and individuals who are now agents for practicable social change. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

CHIRLA’s mission is to help establish a world with freedom of mobility, where all human rights are respected whatever an individual’s background.

In a conscious and deliberate effort to realize their vision, CHIRLA has been intensively involved over several years now in organizing institutions, individual and coalitions with an aim of building capacity, changing public opinion and policies so as to fully achieve respect for all human, civil and labor rights.

About Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. The fund was established to help civil, human and migrant rights groups that operate in the state of Arizona defend freedom of speech and public participation.

Lacey and Larkin sued the County for a violation of their First Amendment Rights. They ultimately prevailed in the United States Court of Appeals and the court awarded them a $3.75 million settlement. The duo used the monies to set up the fund.

Delving into Jim Larkin’s Interesting History

ITGWU marked the modern Irish labor movement’s birth. During the period only about 10% of Irish statesmen were unionized, and eve, so the unions that existed were British based.It was the feeling of neglect by the British labor unions that led most activists in Dublin to demand Irish based unions for the workers.

Jim was a NUDL official who believed that labor is an international requirement. He was a major contributor in bringing republicanism into the Irish labor movement. The industrial unionism is another great idea that was birthed at ITGWU with a dream to build. Jim drove a single union for all workers.

By the time it was 1911, Jim had become a boss in his own right as he held positions in ITGWU. He became insecure, and the once modest and emphatic leader when dealing with employees turned into a jealous and petty leader especially towards his rivals. He was especially rough on Canolly even with the fact that their ideas in politics were very much in sync.

His frugal lifestyle meant that he needed money on a constantly to match his schemes.He had a great hope in prosecuting the course of the workers through making liberty hall which was ITGWU’s headquarter a social center as well as a cultural powerhouse as opposed to having expensive strikes. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Jim Larkin also intended to use the Irish worker who was a crusading paper to achieve his goals of defending the Irish workers thus launched it in 1911.This paper was a great success, and it portrayed the excellent editorial ability that Jim possessed.

A few weeks later the labor unrest in Britain rolled over to Ireland, and the ITGWU came at the forefront to fight thus leading to its membership growing tremendously by over 10000 members. This made the union one of the main players in the Irish trade union congress, and through its push, the congress established a labor party in 1912.

This success came with heightened insecurity which pushed him into working even more.He later left the labor championing world and became a public speaker in the US with later deportations in his later years.

Read more: James Larkin | Biography

Guidelines for Aspiring Lawyers Who Advocate for Human Rights

If you are an aspiring lawyer, you probably already considered becoming an attorney that advocates for human and civil rights. It is a very renowned occupation in the legal field where professionals defend those who are victims of justice abuse and usually fight for smaller communities who suffer from these problems, like women, children, LGBT people, immigrants, religious people, and others.

In this profession, lawyers often are defending their clients against the political abuse that many corporations try to push against their customers, using their influence and capital power to try to blur the lines and descriptions of the human rights federal law.

In this profession, many cases do not involve companies as well, and they are as typical as the last example. Many individuals are charged for aggression, be it verbal or physical, censure, and it goes right against the rights of freedom of expression and free speech that every American has.

Migrants, for example, suffer from a kind of censure that affects them because of their culture of origin, and sometimes they are unjustifiably made victims of verbal aggression because of this reason.

Black Americans as well, suffer from the same problem, but this assault on their civil rights goes way back to the history of the nation and how the racial diversity of the United States was divided in the beginning. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

You’ll also be learning a lot about domestic abuse, street aggression and other physical assaults that have a far-reaching consequence for the population of the U.S. By being a professional in the area with the duty of defending your client against these abuses, you are also restoring peace and reducing these events because the aggressors are being punished for it.

It is not an easy specialization though. Because of how the human rights attorney can branch to different types of clients and, well, specializations, it can be a tricky area to start your office. However, there is good news for aspiring lawyers who want to defend communities against these power abuses.

There are some funding institutions that invest in these offices to keep them running at their full potential. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have founded one of those funds themselves. The duo created the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund which gives capital assistance to this firms and groups of lawyers that advocate for civil and human rights.

They use their settlement money, more than $3 million, to donate and invest in these attorneys to help them succeed in their early stages of creating your own legal business. Located in Phoenix, AZ 85036. USA, the Frontera Fund has already helped tons of legal firms of two or more partners withstand the pressure of starting their own agency in times when clients are hard to come by.

The two partners have already faced, during their first few years in Maricopa County, the censure that migrants face when they first arrive in a country coming from a different culture and nation.

Now, Lacey and Larkin are using their influence to help those lawyers defend clients who suffer from similar legal conditions.

Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Yeonmi Park: From Fright to Freedom

Since the time she was a small child in North Korea, Yeonmi Park was told by her mother not to make waves or do anything that would draw attention to herself. After all, life in their family’s country was extremely difficult and speaking one’s mind about the state of affairs would only make life even more harsh. They had already seen what could happen to those who spoke out against the government; a family friend had even been publicly executed. Eventually, however, circumstances would force Yeonmi Park and her family to flee their native country.

The trip across the border was fraught with danger. Although the Parks lived in a town that was directly across the river from China, North Koreans are not permitted to leave their country without the express permission of their government. However, Yeonmi Park and her mother had become much less concerned with what the government would think about them. Ever since her father had been arrested, tried and put in a labor camp for selling metal to the Chinese, life had become desperate for the Park women. Forced to subsist off of whatever food they could find in their backyard, the women were eating grasshoppers and frozen potatoes in a bid to survive. They were extremely malnourished and Yeonmi Park speaks very passionately about this time in her life, saying that she left North Korea for a bowl of rice.

Once the women arrived in China after their treacherous journey, however, life did not become better. Yeonmi Park’s mother was raped by their unscrupulous guide, and they found themselves being sold into human trafficking. It would take years before the family could be reunited, but unfortunately Yeonmi’s father was dying of colon cancer. After he passed away, Yeonmi and her mother made yet another treacherous trip—this time across the Gobi Desert.

After surviving the freezing desert on, they were told by Mongolian guards that they could not enter the country. The women, however, would not take no for an answer. They informed the guards that they would commit suicide if they were not permitted to pass. Eventually, they were allowed into the country and then deported to South Korea, where they began new lives.

Yeonmi Park stands up to North Korea in “In Order to Live”

Yeonmi Park is a defector from North Korea who has been lucky enough to escape a life of utter turmoil. A life no one could ever even imagine. Poverty and Famine,Human trafficking and Prostitution are only a few of the cruelties she had to undertake and this book is her truth. “In Order to Live” is Park’s autobiography of a time where she had grown up in North Korea under the leader Kim Jong-il. She talks about how living in the totalitarian country of North Korea was brutal and dangerous.

At the age of 13 she and her mother defected to China. But,China was still not her freedom. There she suffered even more and was separated from her mother and taken by gangsters and druglords to endure years of a human trafficking ring and forced marriages. Yeonmi was passed around from different men and sexually assaulted by all of them in her quest to find peace and freedom and to be reunited with her family. Later Park’s was reunited with her family as they fled the guards and crossed the Gobi dessert to real freedom.

Yeonmi Park is studying criminal Justice in South Korea and is working as an activist for people like her and for human rights. She has spoken at the One Young World summit in Dublin and at the UN Human Rights session in North Korea where she has took her stand against cruelty. Yeonmi Park shared on the that she continues to speak out on various topics concerning North Korea and other Countries on media outlets so that she can bring awareness to the ever increasing human cruelty going on around the world. She has many views and knowledge and speaks from the heart to be so young.

“In Order to Live” was written by Park in order to remember her full ordeal. Before it had been written, this young girl had blocked many horrific things out of her mind. It wasn’t until she was writing it did she feel the true memory behind all that she had gone through.Her mother and other family members had helped her recall some of those harmful memories to finish the book. This family has suffered so much trauma, Now that the book is complete they can all start to heal.

Yeonmi Park talks of a time when her children and grand children will come to read her book and what would they think of it? She stated that “To Me, it was surrendering everything-my privacy,my dignity as a woman who wants to be a normal person.” She also talks about the ordeals of other family members being similar to her own and the importance of having family today.

Today Yeonmi worries if the Kim regime will harm her family for speaking out against North Korea. She also still has a problem with food,hoping to one day finally recover and be free from that as well.

If you would like to read more about Yeonmi Park’s book “In Order to Live”publication on you can see it here