EOS Proves That The Best Ideas Aren’t Always Brand New

There are so many start up companies trying to create the next big thing that it becomes hard to succeed in the overwhelming chaos. For entrepreneurs Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller, they chose to focus on how to make a basic product that had been on the market for decades, new and exciting to modern society. With the creation of EOS lip balm, an organic product that is unique in ingredients and design, Mehra and Teller were able to reshape an established market.

Mehra and Teller wanted to start their own business but wanted to approach it in a different way. They went out looking for products that already had a strong market base but needed something fresh and progressive. The lip balm industry was where they set their sites. The only product offered was the long cylinder chapstick tube that had been the only option since it’s release in the 1880’s. Mehra and Teller took their time doing research, and decided that a modern lip balm needed to appeal to all the senses to break the product mold.

Their brand EOS, an acronym for Evolution Of Smooth (https://evolutionofsmooth.com/), was launched in 2009 and quickly became a beauty success. They marketed their product specifically to millennials age 25-35 using traditional marketing, such as magazines and television ads, but focused on newer avenues using bloggers, YouTube, and Facebook. Their social media presence was their greatest driving force and helped EOS grow to the $250 million company it is today. Today, the products are sold by online merchants Lucky Vitamin and Racked.

EOS has maintained their distance from the spotlight as they’ve been growing their brand, but feel that it’s important for their clients to know more about their past and their vision for the future. In an interview with Fast Company titled The Untold Story Of How Startup EOS Lip Balm Outdid Chapstick readers are given much more exposure to the successful journey of the EOS brand.