How End Citizens United is Fighting For American Voting Rights

The world has quietly been watching as a hidden fight for the rights of American citizens has been going on underneath the surface of Washington D.C. We are, of course, talking about the role of dark money and special interests in United States government. Now, more than ever, it has been made possible for millionaires and billionaires to flood money into the political realm, buying off legislators at every level of the government. The reason for this unbridled and unmitigated attack on voting rights is due to the group called Citizens. Citizens United is a conservative group that lobbied the Supreme Court to allow corporations to make massive donations to campaigns. The hearing with the Supreme Court was back in 2010 and since then grassroots foundations have been fighting to undo the damage. Leading the way has been Tiffany Muller and the political action committee End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that has been fueled largely by donations from every-day, average Americans. Rather than catering to special interests and corporations, End Citizens United has turned to Americans of all financial demographics in order to fight back against the oppressive Supreme Court ruling. The battle is more important than ever now that a hostile President Trump is in the White House. Through the first quarter of Trump’s presidency, starting with his inauguration, End Citizens United started to see an incredible amount of donations and grassroots support flow through their foundation. As a result, End Citizens United was able to raise $4 million in just three months. Their goal is to raise enough money, in the realm of $35 million, in time to help progressive politicians during the 2018 Congressional races.

In order to undo the damage done by the Citizens United ruling, there needs to be high-level legislators willing to champion campaign finance reform. That is why End Citizens United has made it a habit of endorsing progressives who are willing to fight for campaign finance reform. Most recently End Citizens United went on record to endorse Congresswoman KyrstenSinema. Sinema is running for a U.S. Senate seat in Arizona and her platform is primarily focused on fixing the problems that have come about due to the Citizens United ruling. Sinema says, “Arizonans are sick and tired of a broken Washington selling them out to special interest donors.” Sinema went on to explain how her goal is to work alongside End Citizens United to “return the power and voice back to the people of Arizona.”

End Citizens United has also endorsed 11 other progressive legislators including Senator Elizabeth Warren. The time is now for a difference to be made in politics and End Citizens United is leading the charge.

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