A Dream Turned Into Reality When the Labor Picked Their Call

Nathaniel Ru and his friends Jonathan and Nicholas are the co-founders and Co- CEOs of the Sweetgreen chain of restaurants. The venture was started with the intention of offering healthy food to Georgetown community, which the three friends noticed lacked healthy foods.

Whenever the three would go to look for healthy food, they would be served with fast foods, which they hated. The above made the three birth a business idea of what they initially called greens restaurants; this would satisfy the niche market of people who were healthy food fanatics.

Moreover, the trio knew that they would communicate to the other Georgetown inhabitants of the dangers of eating junk and the advantage of eating healthy meals. They knew that they would add to their niche by offering proper information during their marketing.

Consequently, Nathaniel, Jonathan, and Nicholas came up with a 3-page business plan that was not detailed. They also identified the tavern in which they aspired to start the green restaurant.

However, the landlord was initially not for the idea as he hung up the phone the first day that Ru Called to explain. He also snubbed their calls for three months consecutively, albeit, they called him daily. Finally, he decided to meet them and listen to what they had to say since they were such nags.

On the due day, Nathaniel Ru says he wore a suit, something he has never done again since that day. The landlord listened to their idea and bought into it. However, their business plan failed to impress him, and he asked them to develop it into a more comprehensive document.

He also asked them to look for an architect to develop the tavern and some investors to fund the vision. It took the three friends only three weeks to attain the three requirements, and that was the beginning of the journey that has brought Sweetgreen to its current position.

Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is an alumnus of Georgetown University where he pursued a Bachelor Of Finance degree, graduating in 2007. In the last year of his campus life, Nathaniel, and two of his friends came up with the Sweetgreen business idea.

According to Crunchbase, Nathaniel is a co- founder and Co-CEO the in above firm. Additionally, Nathaniel invests in other companies in New York, which is also his home town. He values the customers’ tastes and preferences and ensures they are considered in production.