Felipe Montoro Jens Starts a Company

The economy in Brazil is booming. There are millions of people who have moved to Brazil in the past decade. As a result, economic growth is higher than ever before. With the strong economy, many people are interested in starting a company. Felipe Montoro Jens has started several successful companies in Brazil. He is an excellent example for new business owners to follow.

With his first company, Felipe Montoro Jens made a lot of mistakes. His business would eventually fail, and he had to pay back all of his debts. He was discouraged, but he never gave up on his dream to manage his own company.


One of the biggest mistakes that Felipe Montoro Jens made was borrowing too much money. Although business debt is not always a bad thing, too much debt can reduce the cash flow of a business.

Felipe Montoro Jens now offers a lending program to other people through his business. He spends a lot of time checking the credit of applicants. He lends money to new business owners who want to start a business in Brazil.

Online Lending

Online lending is a growing trend in the business world. Numerous people enjoy online banking because it is more convenient than going to a traditional bank. Online banking is especially popular among young people. Felipe Montoro Jens had to invest significant capital to improve his website. The new site has been a solid investment for his company. He expects business growth to continue improving in the future.