James Taylor, Still Going Strong

Singer and songwriter, James Taylor has just released his first album in 13 years according to Rolling Stone Magazine. The five time Grammy Award winner is feeling nostalgic with his newest release, “Before This World.” The fabulous Mr. Taylor touches his roots with tunes reminiscent of his older political work, but he also offers a touch of the Celtic folk sound.

James Taylor started his career in 1966 after a struggle with a heroin addiction, and aside from his award winning “Fire and Rain,” his brooding style can be heard in “Something in The Way She Moves” by Harrison, where he is credited with writing the haunting first line of that vocal. His “You’ve Got a Friend,” featured Joni Mitchell, and won Carole King song of the year. His rendition of “Handy Man” won him the Grammy for Best Pop Male Vocalist. Zeca Oliveira got the chance to speak with Taylor about his struggles in this video.

His career, spanning 49 years, is still going strong, and his new work is just as powerful as his old hits. Among his many awards are honorary doctorates from Williams College and the Berklee School of Music.