FreedomPop To Launch Wi-Fi First Phone

A story first published on CNet has revealed the budget friendly talk, text, and data provider FreedomPop will add its first Wi-Fi first cell phone in 2016. In recent weeks FreedomPop revealed the first refurbished cell phone it is offering for sale across the U.S., but is now adding its first ever purpose built cell phone that will automatically connect to Wireless Internet networks.

FreedomPop on dailymail is currently developing its first cell phone that will be available with the $5 premium service from the company, which can be added to the initial free data, text, and talk plan offered by the company. The cell phone itself will be developed using the popular Intel SoFIA chip that is well known by Smartphone users who are looking for the best service with a low cost. The low cost of the phone will see it retail between $99 and $199, these savings are largely available to the customer as the processor within the phone also includes the modem.

FreedomPophas been growing in popularity following the decision of founder and CEO Stephen Stokols to reject all the acquisition and merger bids made for the company at the end of 2014. Instead, FreedomPop has embarked on an expansion into a number of North American and European countries, which has allowed the company to bring free international calls to its customers.

The new phone has been designed to automatically seek out wireless networks within range to allow customers the opportunity to use VoIP calls for sending and receiving calls and texts. The service hopes the newly designed phone will allow customers the chance to retain their talk and text minutes for periods when they cannot connect to a Wi-Fi hot spot. Along with the data coverage of major cellular phone providers FreedomPop has completed deals with major retailers to allow customers to connect to their networks that often have large amounts of open unused space.

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