Omar Boraie is the Superman of New Brunswick

It seems in fashion in the United States of America to declare that the 1% that make up the richest people in our country are greedy money grabbers oppress the people beneath them. This is certainly true of many people who make up the richest portion of our country. However, Omar Boraie is not an oppressor but a liberator.

Omar Boraie liberated the city of New Brunswick from the chains of poverty it found itself in. Omar Boraie took a special trip to Europe to analyze the main cities that made the continent so great. He found that these cities shared four things in common. Each city had a strong community based around the family. Each city was lucrative in the area of jobs. Each city had a powerful think tank that united in the vision of making their city great. And each city had a strong middle-class with economic mobility. Omar Boraie was convinced that if these four principles were implemented in the city of New Brunswick, then the city would naturally grow.

According to NY Times, Omar Boraie began by working on strengthening the families. He knew that New Brunswick needed families to have strong relationships inside the family but also outside the family. He reached out to many nonprofits and asked them to create the necessary events that would bring families closer to build a strong community.

Omar Boraie also began by making jobs more plentiful in New Brunswick. He began doing this by meeting with corporations such as Johnson & Johnson and helping them to build more factories and hire more workers. He also donated commercial real estate to the City Council so that they could bring in new businesses by offering a lower rent than the surrounding cities.

Omar Boraie also united the power players within the city. By bringing these people together in a singular vision, every time their organization grew, the city of New Brunswick naturally grew with it. This was a game changer. It became popular to be for New Brunswick and people did not accept you if you were not in teh coalition. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more.

Lastly, Omar Boraie built the strongest the middle class that New Brunswick had ever seen. He accomplished this by leasing out to upstart professionals prestigious office space and residential areas for a price a starting salary could afford. This brought in professionals from the surrounding cities and increased New Brunswick’s tax revenue.

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